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Darling, at one time you loved me. So why don’t you love me anymore? Creation doesn’t change like love.   The sun shines during the daytime, And the moon glows at night.
Based on a true story .
Trees, breeze, ripples leaves. falling down, to the ground. to rest, add, to the rest.
Sends shivers down your spine Gives you the chills Freezes you to the bone Raises your hairs   Yet it’s oh so kind It comforts us
We swing back and forth Gently from the breeze passing us by I take in a deep breath of you Trying to memorize every aspect And everyday, I thank God deeply for letting me have these moments
When I look into the night filled sky  I see not stars but, rather, complete and utter darkness Fore all of the millions of star are to be found in your eyes  
Can you fly? I! Do you have a beak? No, but I am sleek. Are you nice on a hot day? So the people say. You are feared in the harsh winter. I can be quite bitter. You are the Breeze.
Face toward the bright sun, Breathe; the cool capricious  breeze.'s amazing.  
The breeze is a seasonal fling, A swagger that comes by surprise, Swooning my entire existence An invisible veil inviting me to come unto it To embrace what it has embraced on many
Silhouetted trees Line dusked beach skies, As subtle breeze Blows, All is calm, Earth sighs.
Ocean breeze, you seem too good to see, always there by a blink of a hair,  passing your way through me.   You give me life, a sort I can't see, it all seems too good to believe,
I catch you summer breeze and suddenly time stops, A moment of appreciation sets in. It seems you wait until I have forgotten your cool touch. I can't help but feel a smile begin.  
The silent breeze blows  Streetlights dim as the sun rises Tomorrow is today
Autumn Bench     Jewlina Matthews    
A nimble spirit dancing this wayAnd that way, through the bare tree limbs;Resting for now, this moment.The breeze stirs translucentCelestial void;Cradled by Night,Exquisite,GorgeousNight. 
Green sprouts from the earth A new living creature's birth   In the optimistic breezy day The hours run away   Popping then dancing in the breeze That is the way of nature's ease   
The breeze blows, pulling me nearer, taking me farther. Where must I go?   The breeze ceases,
Fireflies dance beneath the moonlight, Their little bulbs flashing bright. The crickets sing their favourite song, Encouraging me to sing along. The smell of flowers tints the air,
A light breeze brushing my cheek, Turning my face rosy. Leaves falling from the trees Into my long, blonde hair. Taking step after step Onto the concrete path. A sip so strong
Flying with the breeze.... Is a painful tragedy Of a long lost melody, Using the fond memories it brings To conduct my broken heartstrings, Those bittersweet sounds caress my ears
I watched the flames lick the ivory walls, Of my house, Of my home. Now I trod on sodden ground, Like a sponge under my feet. I pick up the pieces, Charred memories. A single tear leaks from my soul.
Awake, alive, running to have a chase; Dim forest peels back branches binding light Allowing shadows lurch across my face As the feet reach to more ground for my flight
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