Mon, 03/17/2014 - 21:44 -- SkylarB

Sure, a crooked picture frame

might bring you a nagging feeling.

Or you might feel like you have to

count something one more time.

Or else something bad might happen,

you think.


Then there are hiccups.

You brain trails along as usual,

and then it gets stuck.

It hiccups,

and you can't stop thinking

a certain little thought.

A little thought becomes many thoughts,

and you can't stop your mind from hiccuping.


Pretty soon, your thoughts become more tangled

than an old pair of headphones,

and it's all you can do

not to burst into tears.

For, maybe it’s a thought

that starts with, “what if?”

Or maybe a regret,

a wish,

an idea that you never even


Those hiccups are random,

and start whenever they please,

and they don’t stop.

Everyone can see you

straightening that picture frame,

but no one can see

when you try to escape from your thoughts.


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