Mother Earth

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Non sei nessuno Dato che non sono nessuno Sei qualcuno Come io sono qualcuno C'è una sola umanità
She smiles at the sun Taking in its rays with joy She rejoices in its light Dances in its presence  And admires its everlasting beauty 
Fuego de amor que quema y destruye Fuego, fuego que duele Fuego del infierno que maldice Mata y causa la muerte.  
O mother of nightingales O constellation curator She who sweetly sings the sunset Kiss beneath that good moon night That dark pale night light Clasp your hands on my life The waning of my soul
Disoriented in a deep forestnoticing a strange looking treewhose dry bark was greatly gnarled,camouflaged well within its trunkthrough its knots it appeared like an old man with a long beard of white
  lest we orbit Weyekin's bode amidst the fire of our obsessions,   recherche ciphers within wet ashes, charcoal forests'
"Mother Earth", you are an extraordinary being, A mother of fervent virtue and benevolence, "mother Earth", you are emblematic, and a productive source of ingenious.
Dearest Husbandry,  I’m your Mississippi Aphrodite, a giant Amazonic.  I am shin-deep in the Mississippi River  and I see above the clouds, far out over the Land of Nod.
All of Earth's mothers are Earth and are Earth as seed.       The rest of us are Earth flowers and Earth evolving.  
I kiss the ground I walk upon. To the dark rich loam I am drawn. Hearing its doleful solemn pleas, I fall in sympathy on knees. No more to bear its sweet ripe fruit, Buldozer waiting, metal brute.
  Once I was beautiful, gleaming and bright My oceans glimmered in the broad daylight Trios of trees swayed happily in the breeze
Beautiful Queen of earth, princess of land, Will we ever know how she stands? How can she stand these boiling heats? With all these lights on how does she sleep? How can she live, suffocating on elastic?
Mother Earth weeps  Not with sorrow, With rage.   Her rage is found in The fire that razed Paradise, The storm that destroyed San Juan, 
Thankful, I AM thankful for my life and the people that made it so.   who I now know as the first God I ever met, I AM bone of her bone flesh of her flesh. 
Dear Mother, You choke on the hot breath of our gas guzzling, air snuffling, motorized genius Products designed for our own convenience Greasy, grimy, slippery oil Seeping into your velvety soil
Hear Me Earth Your actions have Consequences   Hear Me Earth Appendages ripping at one Another  
you are more than I deserve than I will ever deserve you are the cool and glorious rains that fall blissfully to the scorched lands that have been plagued  by drought
you are more than I deserve than I will ever deserve you are the cool and glorious rains that fall blissfully to the scorched lands that have been plagued  by drought
    Mother Approaches   Singing Indomitable Thunder   Infinitely Honored   Raining Life
Father God, Mother Earth, Working hard, but what’s it worth? We each other both in flesh and in spirit, We ignore the Mother’s crys, can you hear it? Our trees are burning into ash,
Mother She protects houses nourishes All forms of life Yet we do not do the same We kill We torture We laugh at others pain
Our mother is angry. She rattles in her sleep. There's a burning spirit among her. Her children, taking the heat.
Forever crow another one Chips and chirps of unseen ones The voices I once heard begin to fade As the voices die down Mother nature begins to speak Her whispering soul flows through the trees
Fighting hurt slavery child labor child wars
Look outside and become wide eyed At our expansive, majestic home From the moon who acts as a guide Down to the crashing waves’ foam
I would comb the beaches of garbage--sca-tter--ed trash, collect the refuse like we once collected seashells as the waves crash.   And scrub off the chemicals
Change It comes in great voluptuous waves that knock back humanity Or in tiny rivulets that slowly cascade and bring a passive awareness.
The earth would whisper, tranquil melodies of peace-- when man was once myth.
People walk to work like they are alonethe youth shrug their shoulders, take a drag, and it passessleep in a city of millions, never knowing anyone.outside, every thing you hear you have already heard,
I cry and I cry for you’re the reason why and as my tears run dry I’ll wither up and sigh yet you’ll be the one to die   my breath shall spoil and my blood will boil  
Gazing upon the windows of night, Soft Shells crushed in my hands, I cry as my tears fall upon scattered sand kingdoms. Intricate life scattered like sand upon the beach I stand upon.  
                           This pain i feel this hopeless abandonment your sardonic stature your sarcastic lips your words like bitter frost bite, eat away at my emotions till i am num to your identity
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