Note to Fifteen Year Old Self

Fear      breaks

The crack of dawn

Tossing, turning, yearning

Hardly ever learning


People and places

Pasts and problems

Things I’ll never have the answer—



And I’ll be on my own.

Fight, flight, with all my mite

“Eighteen is the real world.”

—Let down 


It’s all the same

When you grow up in the tenth grade

There’s always time to be a—-

Kid.ding, I’m kidding.


Always changing

Endless growing

Love of wisdom.

There’s always more as a sophomore.

Philosophy says,

Fighting the mundane, doesn’t make you any less sane.


Lost in a crowd, alone.

Heard it all before—

It’s okay when you’re fifteen.

A head full of words

Fist full of blank pages


Together we walk, talk

Alone we think

On the brink of something

Good, bad, weak, strong


Worries, words

“Just wondering—

How’s it going to be?”

There’s always going to be



I’m too scared    to say.


But every day I wake,

I wake. To give it my all.

And try not too lose it 

All.    of these years in school.

And yet again,




A new year      breaks.

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