stop this from happening

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I wake up, put on my clothes, wash my face, fix my hair and look in the mirror with disgust. Yes, I'll do it.   I go to school and walk to class, I can hear them behind me, laughing,
2000 chances were handed out in hopes that they would never be used  the number on the cards and people waiting for just one call to come in confused   2000 pieces of hope were believed in
When someone says death, it is taken with fright, an end, a finish, a darkness to light. When I think of death, sure, it scares me a bit, but I see all I can do, and that fear takes a hit.  
An old man watches, A baby cries, But neither one, Will meet my eyes.   An enemy laughs, And old friends greet, But I just carry on, Staring down at my feet.  
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