My Friend

“Hello old friend”


I say with a grin on my face

As I stare away blankly towards space.


It’s been a while since we first met.


I was 11 when you decided it was time—

To change my life, oh how I hated you at the time.

I was young and afraid of what I felt

Unbearable pain is what I was dealt


I said “Farewell” to you for sometime

Then you came back into my life a second time.

I was now 14 and had the world to explore

That is, until, you took from me what I adored.

Sirens and lights hauntingly play over and over in my head—

My best friend now dead.


You accompanied me for some time,

In and out until I was content with my life.

I was 18 and thought I had it all

But then quickly took a fall—

Deeper, into the darkness I had escaped

This just must be my fate.


My friend, you have appeared again

Your eyes, this time, glow even more red.

You welcome me with open arms

You hold me tight and watch them break my heart.

Over and over again

Will this pain ever end?


I was 21 when I decided it was time

To bring you back into my life for the last time.

This is where we meet again, my old friend.

This is where it ends.


I am 21 now and have the world to explore

People to meet that I truly adore.

You kept me in the darkness to feed yourself

Slowly draining me and my mental health.

Though what you truly wanted was a friend

To guide you through the darkness, all the way to the end.


My friend,

I am no longer shaded by your thoughts

I am filled with love and my stomach is tied in knots.

Anxious to depart from you again

My friend, depression, this is the end.

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I love this!! This is so amazing

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