Midnight Thoughts (Alone)

Mon, 08/26/2013 - 14:02 -- CoreyD


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We go so far to find we are alone.
As I wander the faculties of my mindI come to the conclusionThat time is the pinO' self-destruction When I lie at nightMy subconscious mind takes flightI journey to planes on astral connections I  submit my soul for reflectionThe false body false mind projectionThe ego heads the steedI'm spent We congregateIn hopes we'll aggragateAnd create something beautifulFor the sake of beauty As the time grows nearThe bliss o' ignorance becomes clearThe fallacy we once believedHas fallen victim to its own deedLike a mildew that sits on a shelfThe fungus that feeds itselfWith its brotherIs a parasite worth removing  We go so far to find we are alone. Is this anything but a dream?Is there an art to finding our counterparts?Are my midnight thoughts defining?Or are they instruments for erasing? Is this culture killing thought an idea?Is there hope where there once stood fear?Can we find a guideline to live by?Can there be altruism behind a gift?So they say the abyss stares back.I gaze deep and return with what I once lackedI've come far with my thought aloneI've come far enough on my own But when I turn to seek some helpI understand the feeling I've feltAll those timesWas loneliness  We go so far to find we are alone.   


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