Memories of Thoughts



And here I am

Writing my thoughts. My thoughts for you.

The thoughts you will never see. The ones I keep in my heart and mind. But if one day you ever doubt about our story, these words are here to show you how much I care about you.

I always had that strange feeling towards you, my friend. Always. And it never went away. It remains in my mind since the very first second.

You don't, I am just your friend. I know that. Because that girl is still in your heart and will probably never go away.

It's sad to think that you will never ever be mine.

But when I think about these words, these laughs, these confessions, I just hope that one day, you will.

That we will finally be together. That I will be the only one in your heart.

That our dreams will come true and the war won't be on our path.

That I will be able one day to finally hold you tight and to feel your black glance in mine.

To tell you "I love you" without doubting if you feel the same.

Yeah I want to live this one day.

To live this, by your side.


Listen, we both know that there's something special. Not love, no.

But just a feeling that says "We are connected, forever"

Even I am lost about everything. Not only you.

But you are a part of those dark things, that I don't know what the future is. I just know that we will be connected for the whole life.


I will never ever let you down. I cannot live without you now I know your existence. But please just, believe in us. And stop crying your heart out.

I promise you that one day I will be there to comfort you. You will be there to comfort me. To listen to my sorrow. And I will be there too. As I've always been. And as I will always be.


Just don't forget to smile and let us this chance to meet to see if it works and if love can be built between our two souls.

Live your life full of hapiness, I just wish you the best.

Sometimes I wish you were just in front of me, making me laugh.

Sometimes I wish I never met you just to stop this burning feeling.

But I did and you are one of the best person I ever met and maybe I wouldn't be on that earth anymore if your voice and words weren't here to save me.


I like you so much, my friend.

Thank you so much for everything.

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Briana Hautau

Please let me know what you think of my story! :) it would mean alot x


Its deep a connection ferever is great dont givr up on it

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