Outside, it was miserable and rainy:

A cold day in November.

I held the photo against the lamp

On a dark day in November.

It was old, blurry and grainy,

But enough to make me remember.


I recalled a bright moment, sometime in May,

Years and years and years ago.

I saw on the canvas of my mind 

What was such a long time ago --

A young smile, and I heard him say: 

"I will love you forever, you know." 


And I stood there, like a fool, and laughed along,

They say, 'Life is short, so live,'

But I always thought they were wrong.

They said, 'Life is short, so live'.

It was not until he was gone

That I wished there was more I could give.


A wave of sadness washed over older me --

Older, sadder, wiser I.

And I do my best to keep afloat --

That silly, dreamy, wistful I.

So I think of happy times, where we

Were so young and free that we could fly.

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