Maybe there’s no right or wrong way to feel about you;
Only wrong and maybe right
Or just maybe and might, could be
If you know how to spin it that way,
If you can play with your speech
And teach your tongue to
Say exactly the opposite of what you meant to say,
Make your words go in any direction you address them to go.
Maybe I just don’t know.

Maybe I’m simply an expert of rhetoric
And I simply don’t know
That I’m using words
To word all of the feelings I don’t know,
All my feelings for you that will never grow
Under cement blocks and iron bars,
Speeding cars, and traffic lights
That linger at yellow.
Maybe I just don’t know.

Maybe I don’t know what I’m saying,
Don’t know what I mean,
Just hoping you understand me,
And in between periods and fragments,
Waiting beside me for the light to turn green,
Killing the time while our lives are at a standstill,
Idle and unaffected by the tidal waves
Of other trafficked paths,
While the evening lights of the sky dim low.
Maybe I just don’t know.

Maybe I’m no master at poetry
And this case is an example
Of the ample disaster that occurs
When I try to spill my feelings for you.
Feelings? Not feelings, just
My maybe slightly feelingful feelings for you.
Whatever, I don’t know what I’m meaning
Or have even the slightest inkling
As to what I am thinking. How convenient!
You know, I’m no Emerson or Thoreau.
Maybe I just don’t know.

Can I just say that around you I’m near speechless?
That my face gets flushed and changes reds
Like a combination of peaches and wine?
And each time I speak, it’s like a whirlwind of words
In a dyslexic blender of slurred, stuttered words.
I guess you make my tongue melt as fast as my heart?
Wait, that sounded stupid. Let me restart.
Let me try to think real slow.


Maybe I’ll never know exactly what to say
And I’ll let us grow old and run different ways.
And maybe when we’re estranged
And I’m done contracting nostalgia
From the mere mention of your name,
The seasons will change. And maybe one day
I’ll know exactly what I wanted to say,
What I tried so hard to say
As the thoughts weighed so heavily
Like boulders in my mind
On such uneasy shoulders...

And that--
And that is that--

And that is that I like you.

Or I liked you...

Or I like you.
Maybe you’ll never know.

Maybe, I just don’t know.

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I LOVE IT!! You're and amazing poet you know? I love you how you express yourself!


I like you

and liked you

and like you

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