Low Fidelity Daydreams

So there you go
You finally got your wings
You’re as free as a pigeon in a parking lot
with just a hint of shimmer
Fluttering aloft for only moments
Before settling back onto the pavement
Fed by all the crumbs you can eat

I have all the necessities
But where is
The beauty in my world?
Where are the paintings of sunflowers
And technicolor lucid dreams?
Without a pang in my chest
I cannot breathe
Without magic
My world is dead

Bring me someone
Like me
Who appreciates the gleam
Of the sunlight on the windshields
Of cars as they pass upon the highway
In the sweltering summer heat

Bring me the silent poet that knows
That these sleepy-sad moments
can’t be put into words
But can only be spoken
By an idly strummed guitar
That whispers softly
“Beauty is pain
But I love you”

And I’ll be whole again

This poem is about: 
Our world


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