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So there you go You finally got your wings You’re as free as a pigeon in a parking lot Blue-grey with just a hint of shimmer Fluttering aloft for only moments Before settling back onto the pavement
They say you do it and everything just starts to fade, you open up your eyes and your problems just seem to go away, like how can you be high & still feel low, & if getting high makes my problems go away I dont have enough to make problem
  Jokingly, at himself, “Idiot.”  All too dramatic, “Can’t you do anything right?”  Laughter. “You. Are. Worthless.”  They don't mean it,
The nights are blue, as well as my shoe.  You make me ill i really must spillMy failure to keep my gpa strongYou must be upset the add's not goneThis has no rhyme but i hope i get a dime!
You see yourself as low compared to average you’re below Weird is where you fit life seems like a glitch You are fading far away do not know if you can stay Perfection is way out of reach just a dream by a sandy beach
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