Look at that body

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" that's what they all say.

Yet, we look in a mirror everyday looking for ways to be more beautiful.

In our society people judge you based on what they see trending on TV, the big screen,

and gossip-fashion magazines. People judge based on what others say is beautiful and

what is not so-beautiful; on brand names and price tags; or who wore it best.

When people tell you that "you got the look." What is "the look" they are referring to?

Those skinny girls in front of those magazine with them pair of boobs and clear skin

in a size zero dress. Is this really what people look like? Some Victoria Secret model?


Society subconsciously fill our minds everyday that this is what the perfect girl look like.

If you look all around you can see that this skinny image is what's beautiful

from the magazines by the check-out counter in the grocery store,

the random beauty ads popping on the computer screen,

the celebrities we look up to as role models, and even

the mannequin standing in the window of our favorite clothing store.

This is what society deem beautiful.


Yet, if you try to look "beautiful" they ask you if there is something wrong with you.

Trying to lose some weight they think you have a eating disorder.

"Anorexia?" "No." "But look at you. Are you okay?" "I think you need help."

Suddenly you are spending all your money on fancy things that are trending on TV;

spending so much time putting make up, fixing your hair, asking "how do I look?" 

trying so hard to get them boys to notice you, just for a stare.


Why try so hard? You are already beautiful inside and out. 

If God made everyone, then why do you question God.

You are beautiful no what they say, don't let anyone tear you down.

Just step outside and you can see that there is no such thing as one look or one size.

We are all different, yet, we are all beautiful in our own ways

even the word imperfect said "Im perfect."

If they can't see the beauty in you, they don't deserve you.

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder."

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