Leaving You Behind

I have memorized all the break up songs

Cried a thousand times

Remembered your beautiful eyes and face


The memory of what’s behind it

Breaks me up every time

I want to say I love you

But all I see is the emptiness

Behind your eyes

And the space between your ears

You laugh and tease me

Calling me stupid, making me less

Put yourself above me

Standing on your forever pedestal

I am smart

I am beautiful

You can’t suppress me

Because I am more than you

Stop simplifying me

I won’t fit in your equation

Let me breathe

You’ve placed your love in the wrong girl

(Maybe the wrong gender)

You’re image obsessed

A modern day Narcissus

Look for something deeper

Don’t think I hate you

But I must face the reality

That I must leave you

Because I have a little more

Living left to do.




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