Leaving Home For Home

Plant a kiss

On whoever’s forehead you can

Without awakening

The more goodbyes the better,

But too many 

On those who care too much

Will only leave bits of your lips,

Parts of your spirit,



Take a bag,

Never two,

Realize what you truly need

To go

To pump your legs

To slap the pavement with your old sneakers

That never keep the rain away.


Shiver in the cold,

Pant in the heat,

Wish for different weather

No matter the season.

It’s hard

Away from 

What you thought of as home.


But home

Is not a permanent place,

For when the tides rush in,

You must run

Or be caught in the ocean

And its

Eternally shifting,



House of blue.


You are alone now,

Even those not yet weaned,

Even those providing,

Even those in the middle.

You are alone now.

Make it so you are not.

But to no longer be alone,

You must leave 

What left you. 


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
Our world


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