Leave me. by Jackie G.

There are no words left to clear this fog in my head. 

You left me blank without a meaning to my life that I try to live without thinking that a day has passed without having you in my arms feeling the warmth of your body, the scent that takes over the room.

The scent that pleases my soul my blood that runs through these young veins.

I miss you, I’ll admit it.

But you left. Left me alone without a clear reason.

You left me alone rotting in my own thoughts.

Unclear, everything did not make sense that you weren’t here with me.

You left, now leave me alone and let me be, let me pass down the hall without your scent sticking onto me.

You’re killing me...slowly.

I want to cry from the devastation that you’re not here with me. I’m so crazy and insane nothing will take away this pain.


One less person to worry about.


I don’t need you here with me.

Leave, how you left me without looking back.

without a second glance...

Just leave.


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