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I celebrate peace with a white petaled rose, As the woes of a long war begins close. Though the principle I did not opposed.   Singing and dancing and ridding my horse,
Ba-bump ba-bump   Melted strawberry jam pools around my knees From my sister where I am seated 
Deep in the darkness, The goo falls on down, Right from the ceiling, Onto the ground, Then there before me, Lies my own head, That sings to me songs, That fill me with dread,
Would anyone care if I dropped off the earth, Would anyone shed a tear? Several sobs, a few gasps, some chairs at my funeral,  Then I'm just simply not here.  Would anyone care if I ended my life, 
Put down the pen for just a moment.  Writing doesn't feed the poor.  Pamphlets cannot house an orphan, Fliers don't eradicate gore. You're offended by middle fingers, But war and famine are okay.
A woman's mouth approaches the screen so zoomed in Red lines of blood chapped lips let out a dry whisper "everything looks so bright" A cool breeze dances on your neck's back
Your entire life you have been searching for a home yet you only seem to feel at peace when he talks The way his voice soothes your soul and completes a part of you nothing else can
Beyond the jagged mountains the abyss lies therein. Many have attempted to explore its depths but all have perished within. We stand there at the entrance peering into the belly of the beast.
Once upon a time, There was a beautiful girl. Her hair smelled of rotten pine, Skin rotting off in whirls.   "Beauty," the Prince said
This winter is cold and heavy, The frost nipping at my toes, But I know someone with a bigger bite, I cannot escape.   The red snow follows every step, Little red, Little red,
It started early today with her ear-splitting nagging Her purpose is to obey me, so I retaliated with slapping Jabbing with a screwdriver she miserably misses
Throat ripped clean Jagged fangs go open Eyes widen gleam Blood flows free Throat cut through Pulse times two Fangs sink deep  Drink into sleep
Do you see me? Am I…real? The clouds of Shadows Overwhelm the Medicine As the years go by I try to heal...   Am I trapped? Is this the reality? The one I have heard about-
One night, I fell ill I grabbed the scissors And swallowed all the pills I cut my chest and held my heart God did not bless My work of art As it beat was still alive A bite so sweet
...Why can’t I quit this? It's such a rocky slate...   I’m positive it’ll stop me from the grips of my temptate. Isolation for myself; pushing away from all the others.
Dark red drips
Their legends are not like yours. A true story never to be told, Of the gore behind those closed doors.
Slicing your jugular in two and watching the blood gush out and pool on the ground. Tying each of your limbs to a different horse and having them run in different directions.
Tender gasoline coats the meadow – You look half dead half the time, dear. Children dream of willow fires and – Why don’t you pick the car up, dear? Violent burns open you up from below –
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