feeling good scholarship slam

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I'd apologize for the times I constantly goof around, Cracking jokes, making voices just to see your smile, But I don't regret a second; I'd never take it back.
What is it that makes me smile? That causes wrinkles on my forehead and dimples on my cheeks The simple joys of living, the daily blessings from heaven  What is it that makes me happy?
What gets me high, what gets me low; So many things that you could know. When I wake and bring the love into my day, It's her who makes me feel this way. Her smile when she laughs, her eyes when she cries;
 The leaves orange and yellow, carry me up through the woodland, to the mountains big and tall. Take me to the canyons, down to the plains, up to a valley, away from everything.
Pessimism creeped through every crevice of my soul constantly my head was down negativity had a hold, My mind was a whirlwind of emotions spiraling so deep as if I conceived the ocean,
My love's eyes are mysterious tender owl, fearsome fox, meek mouse, deep stare, dark pool - to make me bloodless, boneless. tamed at the utter of my name, inner flames doused.   His arms are my resting place,
Lay under the stars Listen to music Eat a few candy bars Buy a bike and use it   Explore a new place Read a good book Make a silly face Learn to cook   Drink a cup of coffee
Whether my body is tired or it is fully awake, Whether grief and guilt weigh me down or joy keeps me as light as a feather, I still find needed comfort with you, my friend. You keep things simple,
After a day of cruel words and disregarding looks, i always find pleasure in reading a great book. Trying hard not to let the bullying lead me to sadness, All the while trying to please others it drives me to madness.
I love the beast hidden within me, sneakily behind these quiet eyes, only unleased when it is time to unwind with a good ol' game of air hockey.   The two shiny quarters in my palm
waking up late and getting ready for school I rushed on, wearing my nice shoes, walking carefully I somehow manage to step on a muddy spot on the ground triggering a cold stare of realization at the floor it was as
The warm chocolate smell is carried through the house, It lured me to the kitchen like a wandering mouse. My mouth starts to water like a running faucet, If it's not how I like it then I'll have to toss it.
Sometimes I feel sad, some days I just want to cry, But the thing that keeps me going is eating French fries.  I stress over college, homework and money, But the thought of success makes sadness taste like honey. 
During the times I’m feeling blue I look around for things to do To keep myself occupied And dwell on the brighter side Of the aspects in life To get through my strife I listen to music and sing a song
Slowly slip you sock off, and bury them deep in the creace of you sheets. A heaping plate of nachos on your lap, radiating heat Your girlfriend cuddling up close by your side
unconditional, undeserved, love upon me how great, how awesome      
They come down fast, falling from the sun. It’s last bit of light absorbed and turned on. They’re bright and they’re sudden,
I like to lean my head back and wait   Wait and wait and wait   for the sun to rise and leave it's glow on my skin.
it takes a mere instant, only to explore the unending opportunities to be happy through all this chaos of hate and madness   if you ask me what happiness is I am full of words full of moments
Your brain might have knowledge... Your soul might have fear... But all in all lean on your heart that is close for you to hear... Listen to it when all your organs are down....
Good Morning, cruel world! Because even though this world Is very cruel, I still wake up, I still live here, Don't I! I am determined to make a difference. Even though it may be a small one.
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