Just Stand There and Look Pretty


Reliance on your reflection in the mirror
Wake up every morning hoping for a flawless appearance
Stale face is your reaction
When you realize that the fact Is
That your existence is merely status quo

Never progressing 
Never confessing 
Your insecurities consume you and you mistake it for blessing
It'll all get better once society sees 
But your society's bitch that's why you're down on your knees
The scar tissue will fade
but what about the ignorance in your brain

Pretty girls aren't special
They're expected like salt on a pretzel
Desirable but not something you steal or embezzle
Something to look at like grass in a meadow
A just pretty girl is just a bedazzled uterus
She's cute but what can she do for us
What can she bring
Long hair don't care and she's covered in bling
Not the office or the stage she can't even sing
She doesn't fit it in but she's rocking that flawless thing

Pretty is nothing more than a complement
Never form of accomplishment
Engrossed with being flawless 
Instead of building up your confidence 
Good genes or not
Looks will soon fade
Sure ignore it now
Your foundation isn't made
But have fun with your fluff
That's where your mind stayed
You can't talk since to someone who doesn't use their brain


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