just remember what you mean to me


Do you remember that you were the first lips I touched?  

The first hand I held, 

The first one I cared for,  

The only one I ever loved. 

Do you remember you made me smile when I first saw you? 

The first time I did I knew there was something there.

A spark between us that I felt only when I was with you.

Do you remember that you were the first I went on a date with?

The first time I had something to remember.

You were my Juliet, I was your Romero <3

Do you remember we weren't allowed to see each other?

But still we made it happen.

We weren't able to see each other, but still, we managed.

Do you remember when we happened you wanted to hold my hand?

We didn't want to let go

Do you remember when I would look at you and just smile?

You gave thanks to God everyday since he put me in your life.

Do you remember when it was over?

We still cared for each other.

You told me you wished the best for me.

Do you remember that you were the first one I ever truly love?

Besides my family.

Do you remember we had something that nobody had?

Something people looked for, but didn't find.

You were the best I ever had. (:

You were my first love. <3

If I had three wishes the first one would be,

To see that beautiful smile I love to see.

The second would be to hold you one more time like before.

The third would be to have you back in my life,

To have you forever panda.

'Till this day you’re still in my heart. And I don't regret a thing.

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Wow this poem honestly sounds like something the father of my child, also my first love would have wrote to me??

everything fits us n our story perfect?? 

Jw how old u are?? The poem is very beautiful though!! 

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