It will all get better in time....

Thoughts race

time goes by

minutes drag

she wonders why


darker and darker

her mind goes

what is the outcome?

nobody knows


all she sees

behind hazel eyes

is the same old pain

and all the lies


you will be ok

it gets better

stay strong

this wont last forever


it's all noise to her

she can't believe it

all that comes is those thoughts

and she does nothing but sit


flashbacks to the days

when things were ok

when mom kissed boo boos

and the pain went away


where is dad

in this painted portrait?

up in new york

not doing shit


so she faces it all

and turns to a friend

the one that won't leave

but will be her sweet end


she drags her dear friend

across soft, creme skin

if the other friendships are wrong

why would she let anybody else in?


so the crimson drops

turn to trails dragging down

it stings just a bit

but she doesn't make a sound


then she sees a vision

it's the ones she loves

everybody, especially Dallas

flying through her mind like doves


she finally stops

and drops the blade

and sees the choice

that she has made


no turning back

no fear or regret

only the sweet relief

and the artwork she can't forget


they are beautiful to her

each and every scar she drew

a reminder of all the battles

that she found a way to get through


is it wrong?

maybe to another

but she sees it different

as survivals brother


because there are choices

she believes are there

cut or kill herself

a circumstance so unfair


she left herself

with no other choice

no more alternatives

no thoughts to voice


so she took the plunge

and ended it all

no more struggle

as her head began to fall


no more racing thoughts

no more scars to make

no more burden to her loved ones

no more medicine to take


they didn't believe her

they all called her bluff

she told them ALL

and finally had enough


she couldn't live for them

it wasn't fair anymore

her last wish was that they had listened before


she had written goodbyes

and went far away

where only a stranger woullld find her

or else there her body would decay


she is at peace

they are in pain

and that's the story

of a girl who died in vain....


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