It’s Okay to be a Nerd


Hey, there

I’m a nerd

Better yet, I’m a geek

I actually read for the fun of it

I like going to school

I’m pretty smart (most of the time)

I wear solid black glasses

I squeal at the sight of anything related to The Lord of the Rings

Don’t even get me started on Harry Potter

I prefer sneakers to high heels

(Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I’m a girl)

You’d never catch me smacking my lips with lipstick

Much less lip gloss

I get weird looks from other girls

Even sadder, I don’t get looks from guys at all

At least that’s what it seems like

What’s wrong with being a nerd?

Don’t people know they’re geeks, too?

Most guys geek out about sports and manly things

Nobody argues with that

Most girls geek out about the dress that so-and-so wore for her wedding

Nobody argues with that

That geek stereotype has blurred the true meaning of a nerdy enthusiast

Geeks get excited

Therefore, we are all geeks in our own way

So, it’s okay to be a geek

It’s okay to be a nerd


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