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My name is... Well who cares, anyway? Who has truly cared as to whether or not my mouth formed words? I was an outcast, A weirdo, A lame boy, Geek, Nerd, Goggles...
We are called by many names: Nerd Geek Dork Freak Loser Wallflower Loner Nobody   Faces without names, Smiles to hids pain, Walls to defend shaken spirits
Behind the smooth talker and the wise cracker
No filter? Why do I need a filter? I’m pretty in sweats and a tee With no make up on And unkempt hair
You're standing there closing The crack in my wall And you know that I’m staring But don’t mind at all ‘Cause you’ve seen this Seen this before And you've been this Been this before
Before I speak, they believe in the simple and common that lies within me, After I speak, they flee and judge from afar. Time after time, many don't understand,
I am only a girl,a girl with a heartand a soul made of glass.   A girl who walks alone,keeping to herself.I am just a mysteryto the world passing by.  
A little girl with a book on the playground Not the easiest kid to be around   But now things have changed and rearranged Just kidding, I’m involved in the knowledge exchange  
Hey, there I’m a nerd Better yet, I’m a geek I actually read for the fun of it I like going to school I’m pretty smart (most of the time) I wear solid black glasses
Greetings stranger, I am from the O.s. galaxy; many aliens have died in futile attempts to battle. Welcome to my mind, the requiem of of reality.
Yeah this ones for the nerds. This ones for the geeks and the freaks. This ones for the misfits who don’t give a shit about what you think!  
 Typical dork Sneaky,geeky Tutor, poet, plays chess Inside a normal teenager Misunderstood
We are those who’s love for a book, or comic, or show, or movie or game exceeds that of just watching, we are those who see’s characters as more then just people in a story, we are those who will write fan fiction about there fa
My tears are wasted on the opinions of the unknown. The cruelty they have shown. The harsh words they have spoken, have sent them on a ride of which I'm just a token. The gestures I make, and the words that flutter across my tongue.
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