' 'fear anxiety

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I often ask myself - "Why do I fear?" Is it the fear to fall or is it the fear of not rising after the fall? It is difficult to say what I fear more, but I fear both. And in this fear,
I was on the stage  And I stood there frozen I tried to open my mouth But no words were spoken I had to hold my neck Cause I thought I was choking 
You said it'd be nice if I'd stand with you, in front of those people. You must know why I cannot do that.  You must. Why do you even ask? I'll only dissapoint. Haven't you learned by now?  
Sometimes I just want the deafening, can't breathe screamthat shatters the weight on my chest  leaving me empty. the one that burns my throatand provides a bed of tears for my comfort. 
You have only known me while I grew up in a closet, I feel like I’m alone, having no one to hold my hand, No one to comfort me, or to tell me “I promise it’s going to get better!”,
Water fills my lungs like tree roots Roots that have chained my soul for eternity From the point of my first heartbreaking wail I struggle to make a silent scream As the water constricts my lungs with fear and pain
My closest acquaintance is the rain as I listen to the soft trickles of barness Coldness of the lungs but my breathless air is still warm Clouding the unfocused skies  
RAYAN Limitations My worlds sinking at the bottom of pain, Filled with all the happy moments my life has had to sustain, Broken souls and broken dream that I taught how to entertain.
TEARS That Can HEAL an OPEN WOUND  by Delasia Vanterpool   A boy who is very blue, sat by himself in school.
I look at you all but you don't know how I'm feeling Because your eyes ears and minds are asleep  I pass by you all with an expression not believing But your eyes ears and minds are still asleep 
You made me feel frightened An uneasy feeling You made me feel paralyzed I am frozen; I can’t move This paranoid feeling of fear Has me trapped You made me feel panicky
You ask me to tell you when I realized I was growing up Well that’s a complicated question Cause I can say I was forced to grow up the moment my father decided to molest me from ages 5 to 13
Smiling away Stuck in a cycle Earning their pay The same expressions recycled A feel of dull colors No escape from the future A mirage of numbers Where is the humor?  
Tick tock, tick tick tock, There goes the familiar rhythm of the clock, As the notes align with the beats in my chest, Vibrations surge through my fingers fighting to remain at rest.   I was alone,
I am the small voice that fades into the background, I am the cowardly dog who puts down their head, I am the thought that never gets to be expound,
Sudor and Anxiety Things all too common in my life There’s that deep pit in my stomach Feeling as if it’s been twisted with a knife  
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Wise hole, wise hole, Leave. The emptiness is tormenting me. Wise hole, wise hole, Leave. I dont want you here. Wise hole,wise hole, Leave. The thoughts are scaring me.
I do not have any fears As they are are all too trivial to me. Why cry in front of a bug? Why scream in a small room?
As I think, it rushes in— A river, a torrent, a waterfall Threatening life or limb Or peace. Thoughts come swirling, pounding, In my head Never resting—unrelenting. Voices rush, a flood,
When I was little I had a dragon He didn’t have a name Or maybe he did and I can’t remember Because I would rather forget He was always there
I was told I was too selfish so I gave pieces of myself away to people who didn’t give a damn about the feelings I was trying to convey   I stuck with them through thick and thin
  Why do you bother Asking if I’m okay When you don’t want to know You don’t want to know if I am not okay You want to know that I am
It begins as a thought. Small yet calling for attention.  I ignore it.   Then an idea. Ignorant yet from experience. I ignore it.   Then an emotion. Whimsical yet possible.
How many times has Fear limited me? Too many to count. But enough is enough, Because Fear has been speaking for us too long.
What is real? He stood trembling like a reed in the wind It felt so real, too real, was it real? It felt real It looked real It appeared real What is real?
There is a voice inside my head I do believe her, though I suspect she lies, She is cruel, but the things she said Held incredible weight. I believed her when she said not to share
The creature inside her cage So small Suspended in the deep end She flutters Cage half glass half metal Frozen Her limbs are frozen Sunlight Cold sunlight
Sweaty palms and a racing pulse,   hands swipe against rough denim. Emerald eyes skirt the crowd,   searching and scanning. People. Strangers. Fear strikes her,   a dagger through her heart.
I fear many things but I think that what I fear the most is myself. My mind spits out everything that I have failed at and plays it like a movie over and over again.
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