love writing

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On the Tube  The great city that is London ,Connecting,Making it possible for the masses to get everywhere,Commuting. Going here, there and everywhere,People are like ants,Non-stop movement,Seems a little pants  Yet without the inhabitants what wo
I know it's not right, I know its not fair, Every time you look that way, I just can't bare   You flick a switch,  becomes so bright Only you can douse the flames of desire, 
Will it take for me to become a martyr words for you understand my craft? To die before my time; leaving behind a casket lined with the pages of my life The explanation of my sacrifice
Let me write till my fingers are numb, 
because I must because I love it because I'm clever because the world needs to hear me.   Because I want the world to hear me.   Yes. No? Maybe.  Because.  
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