I Would Still Catch You

I get it.

We grow up.

Or maybe we grow out...

We grow out of clothes and shoes,

Maybe we can grow out of friendships.

I didn't want to.

I knitted my heart ten times bigger than I

thought you'd ever grow,

and it still fits you.

But as time goes on

I feel I'm suffocating.

This doesn't fit like it used to.

I stopped eating,

trying to stay the same size

trying to stop time.

Trying to fit somewhere I clearly don't belong.

You've changed.

I mean we all change...

but you've changed.

You cut off all your hair

and audiences raise you up on compliments like hot air,

follow your face like the sun and call it


but I call it betrayal.

Someone cut your hair like Samson

and stripped you of your strength.

They tell you this is better.

They lift you higher and higher,

but you're not on a pedestal;

You're held up by strings,

a puppet to the puppeteers game.

And just because you look down on me

does not mean you're doing better;

It means you're more apt to fall.


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