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Those innocent smiles and hugs Did they give your heart a tug? Make you fall deeper and deeper each time Make you wish you were all mine   My heart swayed with your sensation My threads too bare
You see a forest they look at you the same Everyone... All they see is trees I do not see trees For I am blinded by the leaves of them I appreciate being blinded
The moment I mention his name, Like the silence of the dreams they haven't yet killed, The room becomes quiet and still. Their words like whips "CRACKS!" start to fill the room Slicing gashes on my heart.
We are blinded by lies by what we wanna see because when you open your eyes its nothing but chaos corrupting around you so you close them tight hope and pray throughout the night
He makes me smile,He makes me giggle,He makes me laugh.A day without him is like a day without the sun,A day without him is like the air with no oxygen,
People are trying to be the next big thing, trying to out do the each other like we are in a race, conforming to what we think the world wants,
We're jaded No longer pleased with the midnight serenades and cigarettes We yearn for something so simple Each other But it will never work Because you love the heat and I love the cold
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