I Don't Have OCD...Right.

You don’t have OCD

Do you have to do things in certain numbers?

Knock three times on a door?

Turn the knob three times to open it?


I don’t have OCD.

I don’t do things in certain numbers.

I don’t have to count off

how many times I knocked on the door.

I don’t have to turn the knob a certain amount

to enter a house or the bathroom.

I don’t do things in multiples of three.


Wash your hands all the time?

To the point that you ruin your skin?


I don’t have OCD.

I don’t have to compulsively wash my hands.

I don’t ruin the skin on my hands.

I can stand to get a little dirty

and wait to wash my hands later.


Do you have to say things in a certain number?

Hey, I’m Katie. I’m Katie. I’m Katie?


No, I don’t have OCD.

I don’t have to say things multiple times.

I don’t have to echo.


Does it interfere with the way you live?


I don’t have OCD.

It can’t interfere with the way I live

if I don’t have it.


Do people stare at you weirdly in public?


I don’t have OCD.

People stare at me

because I’m weird.

My friends are weird.

I don’t have OCD.


I don’t have OCD.

Unless you consider

that I have to do things a certain way.

Like when I make a sandwich

you put Mayo,

four pickles,

three slices of onion

(in a triangular shape),

Ketchup in the middle of the triangle,

Lettuce just barely touching the edge of the bun,

the tomato on the middle of the meat,

the tomato, meat, and bottom bun flipped onto the top bun

Then flipped on the bottom bun

And a toothpick put directly in the middle.


I don’t have OCD.

I’m a messy person.

But when I get the urge to clean,

I don’t stop until it’s perfect.

Everything has its place.

I’ll work until my entire body aches

and then I’ll continue on.

If it’s two in the morning

and I get the urge to clean,

I get up and clean

and sometimes I’ll miss a meeting I was supposed to attend

just because I got into cleaning.

Everything has to be perfectly in its place.


I don’t have OCD.

I just have to do everything perfectly.

I get anxious when I go into a music lesson

Because I know I’m not going to play perfectly

Even though I’ve spent all day in a practice room

To perfect myself

But it’s still not enough.

I have to do my work perfectly

Or I feel as if I’m letting my professors down.

I get anxious when I don’t do everything perfectly

Because then I’m not good enough.


So, no,

I don’t have OCD guys.



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