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pastel colors brush the sky as water color memories fall on my cheeks the sun sets on all things even dreams i must wake and realize i am sick i am dying i have to leave   breathe.
When I want to express my emotions, I end up just laughing. If society knew they would deem me insane. I laugh hysterically as I burn myself. I giggle as I get catcalled. I chuckle as I watch you love her.
"You're not a parasite", I try to convince myself However, this facade will not work forever. I become too attached to people Slowly I start living off that person like a host I am bothersome; I am selfish.
A REDEFINED TREASURE I was named after an ocean grace But I have been drowning in my own outrage.   I am being eaten alive by life as my thoughts squirm down my neck.
Guess what? I'm doing well for once. It seems surreal That my heart and mind agree Things are alright But something itches I thought, a laugh, a word.
Impossible is but a word in the mind,
What would I change? Myself. Of all things I wish I could change, that is the only one I can I have changed myself before, yet, in order the go where I please  I need to save myself - Change me
    I shatter mirrors relentlessly thinking ''what more bad luck is there in the world, than the bad luck I serve every day.''  Bad luck is my parasite, It consumes my little bit
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