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Can we enter 2015 with no filter? With so many filters and mask, I sometimes hate to ask what's real or what's fake. What would it take?
We can't judge others it down... NOW!!!
How many fake smiles Have you put on before? When inside your beating heart Is broken and torn. How many tears  Has your pillow held at night? When you lay there, broken,
The sun rises, I wake up, the dread sets in. The voices swirl, I push them down deeper, deeper, til they are just a wind blowing back my hair that everyone tells me is so beautiful.
My weave is Gucci My sunglasses are Fendi Do not be jealous
    Once just a boy Wretched beast against the foul Earth Entered a coffee shop, when I was but a cloud of a man No thoughts, hush hush, chop chop, then Pencil and paper, whispered to each other
If I could see the fate that lies in my childrens future, Seeing how these kids mature faster than me, Minds being captured of the totally hip adventure, watching and staring through 3D glasses from my plea.
Potatoes are good. Tomatoes are also good. But are they the same?
Shall I be your humble servant? And you, my darling queen?
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