how to fall asleep feeling nothing

-spend every moment doing meaningless things just to make time pass by faster.

-take a hot bath as to finally feel something warm.

-wash your face so you can thank yourself in the morning.

-straighten out your rug so you seem neater than you actually are; you dont want anyone thinking youre a slob.

-lay on the floor and stare at the ceiling for hours. make yourself dizzy with every terrible thought you can come up with. pretty soon youll hurt at the thought of leaving your room for a glass of water.

-go get the glass of water anyway.

-turn off the music youve been blasting all day long so you can finally clear that headache youve been holding onto for weeks.

-nearly pull out your hair at the thought of growing it out.

-think of every little thing you were upset about throughout the day and cry about them. sob until your lungs hurt and your eyes are swollen. bury yourself in your sheets until youre suffocating in the hot air. and when youre done wipe your eyes and pretend like nothing happened.

-when your lover decides to go to sleep, tell them you love them, because you do. you always will.

-you should find yourself lying alone in the dark, dont think too much.

-you should find yourself crying for no reason, dont think too much.

-you should find yourself covering your face with your pillow, dont think too much.

-shut your phone off and take your chances, you know you wont be waking up until noon.

-make yourself paranoid with the thought of not knowing whether or not your friends hate you as you finally drift off to sleep.


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