Here Comes the Wait.

Tue, 12/01/2015 - 20:34 -- SLK

My bones hang loose. Shaking unconsciously

With no rhythmic tune.

There’s gravel in your eyes. Was that from when I

Tried to run away? Did I spew up the ground when you

Said it's too late? Now you're begging me to

Stay and to believe that that's not what you

Said. Because what you said was,

'But wait'.

And now I cry for sanity because I'm

Not sure you'll take me back after I

So wrongly misheard and

Reacted unsure.

I bet you saw a part of me that

Not most people seek. But wait, I

Know you did. You were cute and ever so sweet and I

Was so slightly mean,

Trying to push you away because I

Knew you were right.

Not right in a literal sense, but wait, I

Mean you're right for me.

Not right as in the direction you go when the light

Turns green, right as in I found another X

Marked on God's plan for me. You placed

Pieces of your heart as

Stepping stones for me.

I'm still not always sure I was deserving of that.

Now, I hear you say

Wait, but I'm not prepared for the rise,

And it sounds like your

Love will never subside. I'm becoming convinced that you

Would never spare your heart from my hands,

But wait,

I am convinced, and I’ve decided to

Give you mine too.

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Your poem is beautiful <3


thank you so much. you are lovely.

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