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                                                   Where are You? You must be at war
Isn't it funny how something that you start doing just for fun ends up being the thing that saves your life? That it is the only thing that can help pull you through when the rest of the world is cutting you like a knife.
RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING! There goes the bell for the first period of my high school monotony Yet, with each shattering clang of metal, my heart beats faster
I woke up early Made you breakfast in bed Because I love you Took out the trash Despite what you said Because I love you
he looked me in the eyes and told me please don't cry "it was only this one time i'd never re-commit this crime"   it's been three years since still every time i hear his name, i wince
Because I love you, I am willing to make sacrifices Because I love you, you're everything to me Because I love you, we both share the same prices
Abstract black and gray eyes are etched eternally On the silver band, and purpose surrounds the iridescent stone atop its metal throne, I glance down at it to behold a feeling of candy sweet comfort piercing my strained heart.
Endowed with many emotions Some which lead to eternal devotion The rings that bless those who wear And given then to another pair Together entwined their hearts shall be
A stone so blueA Sapphire or soA doubt a soFor she, lovedThe colour of lavenderYet as oneWas she, also to be
I look at my phone and notice one thing
What is love?  Is it that splintering feeling of pain when you reach over from the driver's seat to touch her shoulder and "Apologize" for yelling?  Is it that fear to go to sleep because I know what the alcohol does? 
The nervous sensation running down my skin, the only thing I feel is the desire to win. The wraps in my gloves are sweaty, my shoulders and arms feel heavy. I threw my last punches with all my power,
Ring Ring slither into my seat like a snake Oh no! My teacher has seen I was late Did you have to walk all the way to school in the rain? Let me stop there I'm not one to bitch and complain.
The ring glistened in the light above/ telling all just how to love/ once just meant for show and fashion/now presents this love and passion//  The woman owning this precious ring/ was quite big into helping/ a caring heart for all she sees/ an op
Ring, Ring. They shine, they sing. One, Two, Three, Four. The notes they move up and down like a roller coaster.
Ring, Ring. They shine, they sing. One, Two, Three, Four. The notes they move up and down like a roller coaster.
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