change needed in humanity

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Some Humankind Become Strangers With Your Unhold,   While Few Become A Unhold You Don't Want To Tell The Strangers.   Sailu Bharya
Real eyes don't realize the real lies, deep inside.  No deep thoughts, we're think-naughts, robots Programmed to conform.  No form, forlorn, uninformed,  Of problems in - this world, keeps turning
Why does it take tragedy, to learn a human lesson? Why wait until the damage is done before any stride is taken to lessen, it? National attention only comes to a common issue
Once upon a time, there were no wars, no hunger, no genocide or racism. Once upon a time, innocent people didn't die every second of every day, the world lived in a dull bliss. Once upon a time,
That time of year again  everyone says the year of giving great question is do the give to the people who are in need ? Black friday everyone wants the best of best 
I am only human  I can only do so much 
it's too much going on i have too many emotions wanna say my thoughts out loud but there's no one here to open up to me it seems like everything is breaking cause i'm looking all around
You own nothing. You go to school... to learn? To understand what you will love to do for.. money Go to work and plan  your future around.. money now.
In this life we have one mission To find purpose to belong What does it mean to belong to fit in to disappear I come to you with a proposition A sliver of hope in these dark times
A world too Big Constructed by Damnation, Egocentrism, and evil. Failure no longer frowned upon, Greatness no longer a character, Heros only existing in cartoons. Ignorance too abundant.
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