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I wish labels were for clothes and Segregation of colors remained in boxes of crayons That little children used to color their hopes and dreams On a blank canvas of the unknown.
I will protest againt this insanity Speak up without enmity Even when they set their dogs loose Because I won't tolerate this abuse And we're not backing down I refuse to be led by a clown
Shoveling driveways, my ligaments at risk of a deep freeze, I earn my worth.Saving money, temptations of Pinterest, I earn my worth.Studying units, sleep deprivation clawing at the backs of my eyelids, I earn my worth.Building a GPA, drowning in a
Women who's babies get aborted. Their morals are distorted. Afraid to be mothers. Who should not have sex with others. © Harmony Sapphire . All rights reserved (Haiku)
The Dreams of Tomorrow Contest entry for Payne County Youth Services 2015, 8th annual contest. As of 12/12/15, results and placements have not been released yet. When they are, I’ll post that in an edit if I placed.
Who am I?
Without a Face, Do I Still Exist?  
A unicorn slain by any other name still brings a curse. When the letter of the law is to forbid emotion, society crumbles in its wake. “No justice!” screams the pot, “a curse for a curse!” exclaims the kettle.
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