Guardian Angel

Mon, 05/20/2013 - 20:17 -- afores


United States
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It was 3:11a.m.
The girl stared off into the darkness.
The dark hallway disappeared beyond the border.
Ring. Ring. Ring
The thought of worry twisted back into her mind.
She hears her mother answer the phone.
Screams of cries wail out of the darkness.
The girl bolts out of her bed to her mother’s side.
She’s gone.
The words just slipped out the tip of her tongue.
Utter sorrow bursts into the room.
Anger. Sorrow. Pain.
Death to Cancer.
A woman of hope.
A woman of strength.
A woman of laughter.
A woman of living.
Why her.
She didn’t hurt a fly.
She didn’t hesitate to help.
She didn’t hesitate to laugh.
She was taken too soon.
A grandmother.
A mother.
A best friend.
What would life be without her joy?
She was someone who didn’t judge.
Someone who could turn your frown upside down.
Someone who you considered family,
even when you weren’t.
Someone who will be eternally missed.
Someone who will not be forgotten for her strength.
Someone who is not known as someone,
Someone we must now call a Guardian Angel.


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