I'm a grown-up now. 

And I do grown-up things.

Like pay my taxes, cry at night,

And wear engagement rings.


And I'm a grown-up now.

So I only watch the news,

I drown unfamiliar feelings,

With another cup of coffee.


Love is silly, sex is cheap,

Feelings are plastic but they get me

Through the hum-drum day,

Until my next cup of coffee.


I break down in the bathroom,

I smoke a pack of cigs and dream,

Of plummeting over the side of the building,

Before grabbing one more cup of coffee.


I cast stones, and chicken bones,

From the thirteenth story window,

And tell my dad I'm fine,

And soon I'll take him out for coffee.


I can't afford to live,

Or purchase medication,

So with a sigh and one last goodbye,

I finish my cup of coffee,


Because I'm a grown-up,

Parts that were private are no longer mine,

And emotion takes their place,

I'm a grown-up and I'm fine.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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