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I'm thankful for the sun, the blessing received from its warmth.  I'm thankful for the stars, for guiding me through the night. I'm thankful for the love, that spreads from near and far.
Because I love you, my stems have begun to grow from the roots of your heart. My romance for you has fluctuated, leaving you dumb-founded, I exulted in distance and animosity,
I traversed the halls waiting Waiting for something that should have been there Waiting for something that wasn't there Waiting for something that was gone   The bell rings and I head to class
Giving thanks not only uplifts ourselves but to those who are to come. It brings such joy and happiness to all the innocent faces of small children.
Today, we celebrate in thanksgiving; let us all be thankful that we are living. We have all made it through another year; let us give thanks to those far and near.  
We gather around to enjoy this feast What a delight to deliver this beast As delicious and sweet enter our mouths While so much joy surrounds my house Laughter and cheer, no poppy has caused
  I know not the day I woke to your trees up high. I know I was awake all along somewhere deep inside.  
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