The Freak Show

Freakishly tall, Freakishly short, Freakishly skinny, Freakishly Fat
There’s no escaping it because you are the freak show
You, alone, is where it’s at
“Step on up to see this thing!” they shout
Have they lost all perception on what I am?
I am nothing unusual, what is this about?
Are they that blind that they see no similarities?
Why must I be the freak show?
It’s not like I’m a witch creating horrendous remedies.
There’s nothing abnormal about me, and yet here I am being observed bit by bit
Every day I try to walk through silently, carefully, and yet I still get that hit
When I try to run, I fall in the same pit
If only this darkness could be lit
then I might not slit
Yes, slit
that’s all I need, a slit there and a slit here
I wasn’t abnormal to begin with, but here I am bare
covered in scars of abnormalities
I say these scars are for my freakish self
But in reality it’s for herself, himself, and their self.
They pushed and cheered for this right?
It’s what I deserved, to be out of sight.

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