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This four walls suffocate me While my roof begins to fall For my head is the one who is in charge  Tormenting me with the color of red And why was I born at all
Sweltering New Orleans sun Murdering my skin Sweet smells of tobacco plants Wafting through my nostrils Glorious sight of success
See, I'm just here to fulfill and replace Never to mistreat, neglect, and become a mistake. Here, present day, fortifications right now. Doing the unknown to wind up being misplaced. Lost
Here we are in today's world. A world enriched by the beauty of diversity. Diversity should be celebrated Take pride in who you are! Black, white, Hispanic, or homosexual You are you, and I am I
a single mom with nowhere to go, a little boy looking for home. a teenage druggie who followed the wrong path, a middle school girl facing her drunk father’s wrath. a woman who chose to run from abuse,
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