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What possible could be so strong, That it demolishes those of the strongest wills? So fierce that it tear apart the toughest? So crushing it wreck the fittest? What possible be so draining,
  Staring over the steaming fumes,prophetic wisps, tendrils of the muck,rising up and twisting in her nose,   Eyes bloodshot,covers torn asunder,an empty bed lays in ruins,  
The race for finals beginsEveryone around me playful and funAlthough I try, I just can't winSocially inept and such a dum dumI wish life could be eaiserbut what fun would that be
You wouldn’t guess its st. patrick’s day Not with all these faces Frowning in stasis Tears in our eyes We just keep going No recognition for one another Only stress in our minds
i am tired i have been working all week to ensure that i will have good grades by the end of this semester.
Tick tock the clock strikes the air The time drags on and chimes again I tremble from the stress and my brain begins to ache This time there is no going back no time to escape
I took my first final. I passed. I took my second. I passed. I prayed and took my third final. I passed. I prayed, cried, and took my last final. I passed.  
banging our heads against the wall who's to say we learned it all the teachers try and try again to have us learn all that we can and this is our judgement day   hung over and tired as hell
this is game seven we are tied, but not for long champs will show no fear  
Yellow over Green What auras you bring, The gentle breeze creates a soulful melody As Maraca leaves shuffle to their fertile dance The harmonious birds take center stage
Our relationship is strained And the communication is awful. At times I wish you’d disappear But that’s just being hopeful.
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