My heart is racing, I don't know why it keeps beating really fast.

Each day I wake up, putting on this mask.

I get afraid to do certain things, very easy, simple tasks.

Sometimes I feel like my heart will break, shattering like glass.


My heart is racing, I'm only going to the store.

I've done this plenty of times, but I can feel the fear inside my core.

Sometimes I just want to fly, to get away from this feeling, and just soar.

What can free me from this? I don't want to feel like this anymore.


My heart is racing, I cannot seem to make it stop.

Each day that I do new things, my stomach feels like it will drop.

I'm really sick of feeling like this, I want this predicament to just go "pop".

I want to feel normal, and not in constant fear that I'll flop.





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