acceptance body love

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My power My center Sacred space Life giving Gateway to intense pleasure Source of great pain
I remember when the sun soared high over the green grass of my lawn I remember sitting, pondering why was I so different I sat in my chair, slouched
Thick  clotted  cream dolloped around my thighs.  Wound beneath my butt  like bacon wrapped shrimp  salty, good, and dripping in grease.  Gnaws through jeans  grinds through tights. 
Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, or it lays in the eyes of normalcy places upon culture athat is whitewashed. Little Duckling you are not "traditional", compared to your pure and white siblings. One day you'll stand with them and frolick in
  P       L           I              N                 K There plunks another silver wish, Down into my depths with a swish, Whispers of love and wealth catch my ears,
  My feet may be a bit long and I may not have a thigh gap, but that doesn't mean that my legs aren't smokin' hot   I may have love handles and a muffin top, but these curves are more than your love can handle  
Looking in the distance Towards the judgemental figures Hiding in the crowd from their cruel jokes Eyes like fire burning your skin from your bone
I need a different kind of love story... Okay, so here's the synopsis:   A girl meets a boy And then questions her self worth When he looks her up and down And his eyes pause on her short skirt
Show me the part In your scripture Where it reads "The female shan't carry hair in her pits."   Show me the picture Of hairless legs And straightened locks And bared nether regions
I spend hours in front of it. Criticizing everything. My thighs are too big. My stomach isn't flat. My boobs aren't huge and my butt certainly isn't. My lips aren't plump. My hair isn't long enough.
People say Fat Shaming is wrong. But while they bring people up Who just eat because they "can't control themselves" and tell them that that's what "Real women" look like, When that really isn't the case.
As a young woman it seems my body serves threat to my soul. My body making up me; unqiue. Curved and straight and flat and wide and thin and all, is my own.
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