fat shaming

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Fearing a transparent man-made tool of vanity A tool who hides nothing This tool shows you who you truly are Some may say that you are more than your reflection
Before I learned to think in her critical voice,
Leaf falling down a tree A whole life attached to a native bough Clingstone to freestone, pinnate to palmate, Persistent untill the wind sets it free, Far from crown it goes now Hate's leaf scar on its state
I will never write poetry again. The day started with a usual feeling of grief, I didn't want to go to school and I definitely didn't want to go to English class.
People say Fat Shaming is wrong. But while they bring people up Who just eat because they "can't control themselves" and tell them that that's what "Real women" look like, When that really isn't the case.
Many people know the season But many people know not me I am more than your Instagram pictures Of your dog playing in the leaves   I am the purest of aesthetics Not for my face or my hair
The first time it happens, I'm nine years old, and my mother says we need to go on a diet.She says we, but she means you, and I know, I know, I know -- 
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