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I was fifteen years old when the nukes came The war in Europehad spilled into the westnow we were all at war. And I still feel a sense of sorrowof losswhen I think about it.
I found her on the kitchen floor. She’d had a seizure. I was terrified. She’d had seizures before.Sometimes she’d just stare into spaceHoping that nothingnesswas something more.
The world was rottenIts core was destroyed by manBy nuclear fallout. And I saw it allFire falling from the skyIt happened right then. And we were all changed.
Oh, when the end cameIt was a thief in the nightIt was so sudden We were not prepared… We were caught off guardFear was frozen inside usThe sky had fallen. We thought we had more time…
She was lying on the groundHer blood flowingEvery nerve in my body cried out Siren screams, my soul erupted into the nightAnd the beings retreated into the abyssWhen I saw that, I ran to her
The end of the worldit finally camejust like the bible said it would.The skiesthey were darkthe air was thick and chokingit smelled of brimstonethe ground shook with every step I made.
It Seems That Folks SHOULD PREPARE... !!! For This Phrase I Now Share That Clearly Will SCARE... !!! For Heads Now Aware... That The World May Be Heading Into A NIGHTMARE... DYSTOPIAN... YEAH... !!!
Retroismic palaces rise from deserted sands but all I see around me is mental illness A basket of bread and flower, -Lexicon for heartening; Jazz brass and sunburn in the poppy fields
And always there will be the ambitious and aspiring and " progress," technological advancements, gadgets and doo- dads to entertain and enthrall... But meanwhile the gap is widening
You always dreamt of being free, Living the way you wanted and acting however you feel. Everything seemed to be going well, but there was something missing there.
 Hi, welcome to Al1ster, the world's best utopia, all your troubles will be solved here, today on our docket we have how to deal with orphans and delinquents:  
Women aren't property Until they are. Paraded down the street  Beautiful and silent Forced to produce Without any question Stroke the male ego Protect their status as human 
I am alone It wasn’t always this way it wasn’t always so drab and grey It used to be full of bright colors flashing lights  
Once upon a time amidst the skies within a metal tower out of many a glass imprisonment incases a beauty not a breath not a flicker
The blend of word and sound 
They said, "let's go to the teahouse for a drink" presumably to have some social time but it's as if reality gave me a wink since conversing face to face is known as a crime.   
  you place your hand on my cheek and everything seems to melt away the dystopia we live in adulterates as the pillars of greed and mistrust comes crumbling down
There is no time for talks and whispersnot anymore in this time we live in,and it gets more deterious every day.Human life into parlors prospersnot allowing knowledge to grow within,and to get ignorant we pay.
I drink to the greater being.                                                            81 I feel how this greater being comes,                                   82
1. All hail the glorious leader He who guides the world with his hand He is the way, the truth, the light And in his hands are keys holy Hail to the almighty of men Hail to the everlasting chief
I am a dystopia whose fault line you are just waiting to fracture, Splintering me into chaotic shards, The world tells me on that sunshine tulip-coated poster: “You must love yourself before anyone can love you”
We are nothing. They say we’re free. It’s just an illusion. Others believe it, but I refuse. These standards, these rules
Dark sky overheadfilled with pollutionwhere did the sunsets goBlues and pinks and goldsHas this become our futurea dark depleted lifethe past just a pleasant memoryfairy tales for our children
To start off, the meaning of Dystopia literally meansA community or Society that is frightening.Nobody would like to live in fear, it is just undesirable.I believe we live in a Dystopia
The world was a powderkeg. Someone lit a match.Sitting on a staircasehollowedout by flames. Stillstanding but standingsurrounded by red-brickrubblejust like everything else.
Sometimes the wind sweeps up thoughts from below, And creates dancing figures like leaves before snow. They spin and collide and they jump and play, And with each little movement comes more disarray.
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