An Extroverts Fear

A hello here,

A handshake there,

A hug here,

A greeting all around


I float amongst my piers,

Socializing from clique to clique to satisfy

But I am never truly satisfied


I willingly greet a mere acquaintance,

Whose name was not formally introduced to me,

But picked up from attentive ears.


A constant, unrelenting fear of unacceptance fuels my insecurity,

 Which was artificially chartered

I convinced myself that two or three friends would not suffice,

But as many friends as possible,

Even on an artificial connection


I have constant strife to say hello to everyone I know,

Or whom I think I know

I establish a routine or running around,

Conversing, almost like a servant to their interests and liking


All this is to feed a void I often find in solitude,

Enforced with insecurity


This is not true friendship, but a façade

Successful is the man who has one true friend,

Rather than a man with a thousand acquitances


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