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    Sometimes it HurtsTo Live in a Bright LightVirtue and KindnessAre Lost to the Pain     Look for an AshlightAnd find a Middle-GroundBecause You can't always be RightAnd You can't always be Wrong
at the bottom of the whole mind, I walk there sometimes, with a sense of at ease instilled in my spirit. With old brown boots and a ragged plaid shirt, I am here uncovered and old.
Hope. It runs deep. Deeper than any mineshaft, Tunnel or crevice within the world. Versatile, yet universal to all. It doesn’t hesitate, procrastinate Or assimilate. Hope is…             
This book will bleed no blood Only the shrieks of my inner ambition and concept Raw vision. I am a conceptualist and a realist with a superficial story behind my self esteem.
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