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Living is believing Believing that the world is great There are people to love But those people may hate So fly like a dove Let your dreams soar Because life isn't over
The other day I felt down and sad, I had so many problems I could not deal with, The thoughts kept buzzing making me mad, All the bad was unreal, a horrifying myth. I could not handle it, so I sat back and thought,
I think about my future and how it will be I plan to graduate from Clemson with an engineering degree However college is very expensive, you see So I'll need help with this very expensive fee  
  They’re covered in mud, And all worn out.
A million paths, all lead to one. You either lived life to the fullest or wait till it’s done. I’m ecstatic, I am scared. Doing what I love to do with the thrill of the unknowing.
A cumbersome, catatonic existence can burn at my handsand I'll keep the torch with me, an old friend caught between young palms,ash and emotion make me stand:
Gold sunlight passes, Through the raging storm around, giving the world hope.
“Gullible is written in the ceiling.” They said. “HAHA!” They said. “So clueless.” They said But I say “THANK YOU!”   They lead me to a surprise Only to be fooled into a joke,
Do you see that, The life so bright, so exuberant and extravagant, pure and powerful, Known but not understood, felt from vast distances unimaginable to man,
Standing out was something I never wanted to do. Being different from the rest seemed so out of line at the time I never wanted to try new things, going beyond what was expected
It might just be the way it smells after rains Or when the clouds kiss the mountaintops
When I think about life sometimes tears come to my eyes. The lack of money I have at times causes me strife. But then I remember my goals and what’s to unfold. Then I remember my blessings
Awesome is... A wisp of white cloud A streak of golden sun The warmth of cooling Summer And peace of Autumn   Glory of the skies Beauty in swaying trees Springy of resiliant grass
Life is Hard. We all know that.But why is it you they always pick at?It’s like they know what buttons to press,That make you angry and sad;overwhelmed with stress.
Writing a poem about how everything is awesome   but my possum it ain't the truth.   Sometimes I think I should get my dreams and tossum  
Behind the picture perfect family, There were seven precious creations. All human, all broken, all loving. Let's say two were married, Two strong sons, and three dear daughters
Is it weird to think that love is gone?that hope is lost,that I'm not strong.Is it sad to think that I'm too weak,
I see them all the time  the clouds and the rain I see them bumping along  the top of the brain  of a very intelligent train. 
clouds in the sky and its raining real hard you look at your wrists and cry cz' they're scarred the car broke down you gotta ride your bike you got a hair cut and someone called you a dike
Positivity brings prosperity, when working towards your dreams.
I believe the best flaws about some people is when thy care about others, and you can actually feel that loving when aroung them. It's a natural feeling that makes you
do you ever stop to think about how very unlikely it all is? very unlikey.   think about it.   you exist, and while not impossible, the odds were still against you. for you to exist,
Strings are her muscles,  And the amplifier is her heart.  I feel the music travels, 
I never knew how much I could love, Until I watched her come into the world. Fifteen months ago,
Ever since day one she's had a sparkle in her eyes With every passing day they prayed, "God, please don't let it die!"  
You feel constricted, like you are tied up in ropes, Tugging, scratching, waiting to break free,  Finally you feel the ropes loosen,  They fall from your shoulders, FREEDOM.
I am awesome because I wake up in the morning a
Everything is awesome The way it's spring and the flowers blossom. Everything is awesome.  Then Life's not a "bummer becuase it's summer. At last it's fall, and all of the kids are having a ball.   
Isnt it crazy how rapidly things change From calm to insane, Like life is a game, Or the other way around. Catastrophe comes storming down Then suddenly, Its nowhere to be found.
Oh! to be awesome, the word itself Is like a beast with many heads.   Awesome is the thing that catches your eye Awesome is what makes the day go by Awesome is the stuff that you and you alone
Everything Is Awesome   It can be hard to see the beautify life has when it hurts, destroys and makes us feel bad.
Sometimes I wonder. Bzzzzzzt! Look down. New story on Snapchat. Friends… laughing… I am not there. I am here, Looking. Sometimes I wonder.   Insecurity,
He is a mighty fine actor of the thirties and fourties. Oh my my heart swell at his amazing voice and wit and charm, the way he dubbed grace and honor with every movement. He is a winner that one, 
Sitting together one by one 
The sound of rain pitter pattering on the roof connects me to you.
  It    ItIt
Let me just say I live in Dull Grey Day by day
The thought of your smile Leaves me breathless for awhile
I'm like a drug addict  Thought I was free once again i'm back at it you got me feeling like a fiend  i'm addicted to your love i need another dose Take your love you made
They call you over and sit you down, “We’re moving again.” “Again?” “Again.” Where to this time? Detroit? Boston? New York? It doesn’t seem to matter, The different cities all start to blur.
ALL LOVE is awesome?  
Living in society, full of critics Judgmental? Might be They're saying you got to live this way to be accepted Freedom disappeared Living in hell with some exceptions No time to plan your own dream
Life has always been something to ponder
Tis your right! Thou has becometh a person Thou has becometh Awesome What is this? huh? I never knew ? How? Awesome? Yes. Thank you
9:54 pm, clean skin, faintly tingling, wrapped in fresh linen, drifting away as an air conditioner buzzes, misting the room with cool that wraps its big blue arms
Walking down the halls are faces Big faces, small faces  Black faces, White Faces Diversity is AWESOME. loving one another, not just for their skins tone, is AWESOME
Dazzle me. Your bright colors of allurement showing off, spinning fantasies. Well, can you turn those fantasies into reality?   Take me.
You grew so fast yet stop the time. You made me smile while ever so tired. You make me proud. You make me see. You make me dream. You make me shine and dance. You make be run, jump , and skip.
Life, year by year, comes in seasons.
I remember looking out the window Not knowing when you'd be home Crying to myself
Everyday I like to listen to The Beatles play. They're my favorite band, I guess I'd say. Oh, I could sing all their songs everyday.   Secretly I wish I could grow up in the sixties.
We live in times inspired by struggle, day to day things  seem hard to juggle, Sunshine outside, but no warmth is present, trying to make it in  adolescence. Looking for an up when what surrounds you is down,
Inspired by the skies and the sunshine, You're perfect in my eyes.  I'm obsessed with Your words the beautiful melody of Your voice, I hear You all day.. clouding my thoughts Memory of You?
Never do I feel alone even when discouged. I always ask for his help even when I'm nervous.
Blending pitches Music resonates with the soul Universal love
Don’t be sad, stay awesome and scream After school, lets take a break and eat ice cream School may not be a fun place But putting lessons from class in your brain will make you have a happy face
The lady at work spilled coffee on me And a customer claimed I hadn’t gotten his order right My kids hate crust on their bread and refuse to wear the color green A day on the beach is what I need  
  Friday departs as the hour hand reaches 12,
Lana del Rey, Blush Puppies Breath, Free Food Samples Things I find awesome
As I put on the shoes As I go out side As I feel the air against my face As I feel my lungs burn As I pass the five mile mark As I refuse to take a break As I laugh at my pain
Too much to abide by, The stress of daily life, When everything feels like it’s going wrong. As all the little problems turn to big ones Swallowing me up I can’t breathe. Then I look to You.
Some say Life is full of despair, Anger, And loneliness. That there is no point, No purpose, And no profit Since the hand of Death will eventually capture us.    
Life is truly amazing.  The air is fresh, filling up our lungs with a breath of new life every time we inhale.
Looking around A tangible world filled with colors Sights, sounds, creation, A different world wherever i go, Look at those cherry blossoms, Everything i see, is awesome.
Take my hand Let me show you the bright side
I was hurting yesterday but today I opened my eyes with a fresh view becuse of you. Allowing me to pour myself,  you are the cup that caputured the deepest secrets of my soul.
Awaken to the sound of a mother’s song echoing sweetly beneath canopies of youth where fears cured by wealth become symbols of love consuming bliss like winds signaling spring
What would you do... if you were given negative advice? To be told that all your dreams would come true... once a camel passes through the eye of a needle. You can be whatever you wanted to be...
New mother She adores her baby boy The moment she met him She fell so in love Perfect little boy Breath taking blue eyes Ten fingers, Ten toes Makes the cutest faces
I could, but do not, break I could bend under the pressure I could give up and sit down, exhausted
Some days, I am ashen- I drag my way around, And I will not look you in the eye. I have no energy to do the smallest things, And I will slump into the wall when someone gets near.
Pain before power Tribulation before Triumph To get somewhere you have to through something
I'm just any old person, My idea will never be as good as the idea of that guy. You don't seem to realize what you're doing, When you reject your idea and stay in limbo by eating that pie.
The notes glide off my tongue again Further perpetuating my adrenaline  My nerves are eradicated  as my heart stops vigorously palpitating
We came a long way,  Me, myself, and D-Slaps, I remember it like it was yesterday, me sitting there, playing video games, like any other kid on their summer break,
People are distinguished in two different categories the immeasurably noticeable and the noiselessly unseen those in the first - celebrated, unlike those in the latter Nonetheless, each contribution does matter 
Everything is unknowingly awesome, when you're sitting at a desk; Thinking how your thoughts are going to blossom, on to a piece of paper.   "What is awesome about this?
Where do I begin? How should I start?  I guess I'll start with my own heart.  In the past few years, it has been consumed by  Worries, fears, and painful goodbyes. 
And then time started scaring me, my thoughts started scaring me, my feelings couldn’t even take it any longer and wanted to escape my body, my soul wanted to leave my body, i star
“Go with the one, be with the one, choose the one, marry the one that loves YOU," but how can I not decide which is better…to be loved by someone I couldn’t love back, or to love s
I liked those breezy summer nights with the sounds of sirens and fast cars, crickets chirping, and leaves moving, I liked becoming one with the wind, I am the wind, these nights to
Idk what kind of games ur playing 
I never knew how crazy (literally) love was until I lost him. Before it was only crazy, now I know how crazy. What happened?
The sun still rises and the sun still sets
Why does love hurt, I'll never know, If it wasn't easy for me to let you go,
Do yo want to know what is awesome? The way the rain makes the flowers blossom. In the spring when they sprout, I cant help but shout. Do you want to know what is awesome?
The moment you step into existence,
I look across the block And see you standing there. I hear the clock going tick-tock, While I hold that teddy bear.   Seeing you is just in my imagination I remember seeing you run those fairs.
Four distinct patrons oversee the place I call home, Each with their own set of principles
I’ve read lies only to write truth. And that’s the true lie. My teacher played the ruler like the flute and I saw chalk create distant friction, between my illusions of grandeur,
These past seven months with you have been blissful Laying down with la sparkling luna And rising with the radiant sun I would run through jungles like a wild jaguar
Slavery is still alive.Racism excist.Sexist runs careers.People we look to for help are the helpless.Squirrels can adopt children not of their own.
It has been many years since you and I I'm not sure why But everytime I think about you I feel like I'm about to die. I need you. More than anything, I need you.
Everything is Awesome When you know You woke up Had a nice breakfast Hit the roads Can come back to your momma Knowing you survived another day Everything is Awesome When you know
Poetry floats from their mouth like dragon smoke in December. Happiness relaxes on their cheeks like a glittered recliner and the sound of their laugh gets caught in my hair.  
A petal ripped from a rose. A story spoken in perfect prose. The sunset burning your eyes under an orange streaked sky. The song on the radio of other cars whizzing by. The perfect shot, left of center.
When I was younger and the world was bigger I’d often travel far, far away To places where I was happy and unaware Drive on, drive on, until we reach tomorrow day  
The touch of a mother is always remembered They call it skin to skin , and that shows the affection Though what I remember when in cool nights of December Was the floor that gave me all its attention  
She is ripped away from life slowly. Her flesh. Her soul. Her eyes. Her heart. Yet she stays put, to remain holy. A girl so naive and scared to part. She has memorized the patterns of alcohol,
It can hard to find the light When all you know is darkness and how to fight. It seems as if it is a never ending cycle  of you against the world. But never lose sight that you’re a gem,
Every time I look in the mirror, I beat myself down Nothing can change, nothing can turn around I cry and weep myself to sleep I feel like I have no peace   Everyone I know and love turn their back on me
My beloved waits for me day after day for me to return from my nightmare as I call it. But in reality it is a prison and it captures my heart.
Thunder sunders the sky, leaving angry holes Wide enough for the lightning to violently tear rips, and jagged edges that The wind batter-flaps... the wind pushes, whips the sky's jagged edges and torn folds,
Life, to me, is a haphazard of things lessons will be learned tables will have turned and then we're all stuck in an unhappy reality. The next day will involve the following:
Exotic Places                                                                                                                                    
Good morning sun! Good morning everyone!  Come with me, let's have some fun!   Feel the gentle breeze, look up at the fluffy clouds, what a beautiful day!
To the world, death is not considered awesome. To the daredevils, injuries are not considered awesome. To the innocent, hardships, illnesses, and poverty are not considered awesome.
F - Fresh, delicious, and such a soothing feeling. O - Opens a door of happiness when your heart is healing. O - "Oh, but I can't drown my sorrows in food?!" You say...
Life is fairly dull until the adrenaline rush k
Two Mondays ago, I was feeling down. Typical teen angst. Then I remembered my lunch . . .   Warm and creamy, Cheesy goodness, Pure awesomeness.  
Everything is awesome I am here, alive and well I am happy to be here I love the gift I have been given The gift everyone has received The gift of life Life is awesome
Dear world, I've never really had much of a voice, Until I realized that I had a choice. I could bottle in my thoughts, And start feeling regret, Until I fret So filled with pests.
I stood before two mirrors And saw myself reflected...   In one mirror, I saw Me Standing in gloom, yet sharp to my eye. There was Anger arching my brow, And Jealousy reflected in my searching eyes.
They gave away our table, The car ran out of gas. But it doesn't really matter, Because we still had a blast.   We took our last bit of money, Pushed the car beside the road.
Wow, I really don’t think that I deserve this gift that You’re giving me, I’m trying to gather my thoughts as to how I even fit into this category, you see…
A strand of my hair is my great grandmother.
The pitter patter of the rain
The sparkle of your eyes and the spread of your lips when you smile, gives life.   To see you smile makes my heart race with happiness, like a bomb that would go off at anygiven moment.
Love needs tender touches And I cant fit through the phone So I guess i'll have to live like this; I'm meant to be alone.
second place second rate second try   the number two is always considered bad or not worth it or not as good   so maybe that is the reason it's my favorite number
                                      My definition of Awesome
 That title is a lie, Meant to trick your eye
everything is awesome. no, really, it is. the kalahari desert, the amazon rainforest, the australian outback. it's all awesome. so is music, and books, and films. smiles and laughter,
Do you ever think why our tounngue is pink do you wonder what causes thunder
Bruised and broken? No, more like healing and forgiven. For tragic is inevitable. So why not be grateful?         When somone knocks you down, Smile, they just fear you have a crown.
How is it the mind works? Truly, how is thought expressed? Because my mind makes synapses; They filter deep within and fester.   That is, until they leave or cannot exist.
Smile, why not it often leads to laughter, I'm grateful for the life I live
Ever feel really sad or 
Despite all the bad my family goes through, We always come back together and let our love shine through. Whether it's done by cracking jokes, or hanging out, When we come together it's like a massive POW WOW.
tears, i'll not fucking shed a one, lock them away, pretend it's all good, pretend i'm not leaving a new home to return to the old.   i can't wait to see my family, sleep in my own bed,
When things seem to have darken along road Or perhaps the road vanished right before your eyes You stop and breathe. You try to not let the darkness get to you, to devour you whole.
Ha...everything is awesome when it's going my way Not your way or her way but my way all the way Yah it's all smiles and giggles when my style is filling The room    This room  
This life we have is one of growth. We need to learn to accept the faults. Perfection is impossible
She stands tall
As i look around me is it really what it seems there is laughing and happiness there is joy and smiles but is that the true color of the sky?   The things around me cannot all be good
Home is everything. Literally. Without a home there is no safe haven, no place to rest when you're starting to feel weak.
If I could say one thing to the world, it would be "La Vie Boheme" . Referring to the "free-spirit" of individuals. 
Everything is awesome, Even I can agree, Everything outside like the birds and the bees, The world is growing with wonderful faces, Who invent and improve some wonderful places, Everything is awesome,
Life is awesome. Years go by and we've yet to blossom. Life is awesome. We get the chance to change the world We can sing, we can dance, we can be twirled twirled by the ones we love
From the molecular bonds that form the parts of me to the microscopic cells that walk inside of me I will have no one tell me I am less.   When the wild wind blow and the starless sky becomes starfull
The shove is hard,
There must be a god can't you see Everyday we live in his beauty The trees.the sky. With this as proof, his existence cannot be a lie. But do you know where the the amazement dwell
dont you ever wanna run away sometime? and go to a place where nobody knows you a place where you can roam and be free without having to constantly look over your shoudler
Adam, I love you.
What is the full meaning of being awesome? What does it mean to you? Is it having a nice house or expensive clothes,
She's a wild thang ain't she?  You're looking through your window wondering what it's like to walk through her door.  You've been cooped up and afraid to explore. You stick to your phone and what you think you know .
As time passes by I sit and wonder
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