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I can make history By activating the youth As effective and honorably as Sojourner Truth I Can make history By guiding my fellow brethren Leading them to freedom like Harriet Tubman I Can Make history
When life began You were already there Forever my friend Was unable to see The unknown end   One day I left But didn’t know separation I didn’t second-guess
I love you… Wish we could be Barely see you now But you still mean a lot to me Why you have to leave? Thought we’d sit back Let our love cruise But I guess Life never runs smooth
I love you… But things may never be Barely see you now You still mean so much to me My love is unconditional Wish I could propose to you Make our love official Etched in stone
It started out At the beginning of school Noticed you before And I knew you were cool Had to find out Couldn’t pass up a jewel Didn’t feel lust Like the regular fool Everyone said
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