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Depression kills Real lives. Depression steals Real lives.
Mine, the color of salted toffee Hers, a delicate cream The perfect layer of latte foam That lowers my self-esteem   Or maybe it's more of a porcelain white Only opinion knows
Oh, little dreamer, Your eyes full of stars  And heart of wishes   While you rest Do the constellations Act out your wildest imaginations
Beauty Lies Within   At least that's what they told me.   "It doesn't matter how you look As long as you got a good personality."   In this new day and age, It seems as if Beauty is just 
9-5-18   there was a time i really thought we were going to be together forever.   and the reasons that we aren't are bull shit.  
Being small, it is my mother and father Being a little older, it is a boy who pulls my hair Being old enough to attend high school, it is the boy who teaches me that love truly hurts Being as old as I am now, it is myself.
I had a dream once that turned to nightmares   right after seeing it with clarity  
My skin is my shield It protects me from the world It protects the world from me The veins in my arms and legs look like bolts of lightning
  I feel the warmest when I’m surrounded by my family We live life as if there’s no limitations despite the fact that there are so many  
Nadia Lewis-Green I want to be able to fly But I am afraid I will Fall flat on my face. I want to be able to dance But I can not follow the beat.
“Awesome, it doesn’t feel like I just washed these jeans!” I heard this…and choked…and second guessed…and wanted to say something…and needed to leave…and  
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